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Majdanek Waltz ::: Небо Рейха (The Sky Of Reich)

Another interesting release from Majdanek Waltz, this one (just like the previous post) also from 2004.

1 Демократия (Democracy) 3:08
2 Небо Рейха (The Sky Of Reich) 4:02
3 Мы (We) 3:59
4 Город (The City) 4:26


Majdanek Waltz ::: Ворон (Raven)

Born in the heart of Russia – the city of Ryazan – the project Majdanek Waltz has headily gone the way from the anonymous self – releases to achieving the status of one of the most remarkable projects on the Russian post-industrial scene.

The first works of the group were maintained in the strict martial style: the tone of spiritual aristocraticism , the iron taste of national-gnosticism and hermetic symbolism were convincingly and seamlessly intertwined with the noise lo-fi patterns, laid back recitation, ‘in the catacombs-like” sound of the viola, bass and guitar. It is literally so that these works due to their intellectual quality can with ease and grace surpass the overwhelming majority of Russian and foreign martial\neofolk projects.

1 Ворон (Raven) 16:01


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Various ‎::: Evola Tribute - The Spirit Of Europe

Released in 2009 on the Homo Superior label.  Great tribute compilation dedicated to you know who.

1 –Morior Axis The Oil Lamp
2 –Inhumane Deathcult Baphomet Rising
3 –Aryan Art Stadoto Narecheno Blgarski Narod
4 –Tarihan Das Heliokratische Manifest
5 –Misery (7) Labora, Bella, Ora
6 –Lord Wind Hour Of Ragnarok
7 –Faethon Pagan Eternal
8 –Korsarz Stojac Na Gruzach Swiata
9 –Satyayuga Procreatio I Version II
10 –Menegroth Mithras Initiation (UR Version)
11 –Onirica Furor In Mortem Vertit
12 –Profane (2) La Parole Obscure Du Paysage Intérieur
13 –Von Thronstahl Respect The Hierarchy (Exclusive Version)
14 –Project Dedallus Cykle


Brighter Death Now ::: Temp Tations

The very first Brighter Death Now release. Full length cassette album. Limited to 50 copies.

A1 Now
A2 Demands & Commands
A3 Trained
A4 Signality
A5 The Housewives
B1 Luci-A-Fer
B2 Overaged Seduction
B3 Bloodsex & Murder
B4 Blood On The Sheets
B5 Death Continues


Friday, December 19, 2014

Угасание ‎::: Врастая В Вечность

Fantastic experimental ambient straight out of Russia.  This one was released in 2012 on the GV Sound label

1 Мерцание    
2 Вереск    
3 Погребальная    
4 озвращение Мертвых Героев    
5 Сумерки Сознания    
6 Врастая В Вечность    
7 Внутри    
8 Корень Мандрагоры
9 На Той Стороне    
10 Северное Одиночество    
11 Иш Таб    
12 Исчезая Во Тьме    



Naevus ::: Sail Away

Naevus is a British experimental rock group. Formed in London in 1998 by Lloyd James (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Joanne Owen (bass, accordion), Naevus were often categorised as part of the ‘neo-folk’ genre. Their music has also drawn critical comparison with acts such as Swans and Wire, and often includes elements of industrial music.

The band released four albums between 1999 and 2004 before expanding to a four-piece with the addition of John Murphy (drums) and Greg Ferrari (electric guitar). Their first album with the expanded line-up was Silent Life, which was a critical success, and included contributions from members of Urge Within, Sieben, and Current 93.

A1 Sail Away 4:24
A2 The Body Speaks In Tongues 4:04
B1 Knee Deep 4:06
B2 Water's Work 4:08


Outofsight And Hotel De Prusse ::: Forgotten Taste Of The Province

A release that discusses Polish province and a bit of decadence. It is a short essay about the past and declining relationships between what is now and what has gone in the past. It is about broken relationships between friends who unexpectedly appear in our lives once more. We are connected by one thing – where we come from.

1 Outofsight - Old Crew (Svaboda) 3:10
2 Outofsight - Gorillo Heroin 3:47
3 Hotel De Prusse - Początek 3:01
4 Hotel De Prusse - Soyuz 5:54
5 Hotel De Prusse - Silent 3:06
6 Outofsight - Old Typewriter 1:02
7 Outofsight - Polish Splin 4:32
8 Outofsight - Black February 3:45
9 Outofsight - Swindle Gesture 3:57
10 Hotel De Prusse - Lekcja 3:47
11 Hotel De Prusse - Memoria 4:23
12 Hotel De Prusse - Greatz 5:49


English Heretic ::: Tales Of The New Isis Lodge

Probably the first Musical inspired by the creative occultism of Kenneth Grant, Tales Of The New Isis Lodge presents 65 minutes of lush and occult exotica issuing from a transplutonic transmitter. Drawing its structure from the ultra decadent and ornate rituals described in Grant's book Hecate's Fountain English Heretic guide you through Egyptian pre-history to the fungi of yuggoth, re-imagine flower power in an indian tantric idiom, describe the workings of Chinese sorcerers, realise the neither-neither hidden within the jump rhythms of Count Basie and invoke Choronzon in the Crimson Desert. Aeons in its reification and packaged in delicious artwork, stylised as a homage to Grant's Typhonian tomes.

1- Typhonian Museum Piece
2- She Comes In Kalas
3- Tales Of The New Isis Lodge
4- Earth's Lament To The Stars
5- Cult Of The Ku
6- Vevers Of The Void
7- Les Voltigeurs
8- Secret Organization Of The Zotzil
9- Rite Of Kepra
10- Demon Feast / The Dagger Of Bou Said



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Strength Through Joy ::: Dark Rose

Strength Through Joy was founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1991 by bassist Timothy Jenn and vocalist Richard Leviathan. Although Jenn had his roots in the gothic musical milieu of Ireland and Leviathan was a bullet-belt wearing black metal fan, the two men seemed to have a lot in common and soon struck up a friendship. Although Leviathan himself had no prior musical experience before meeting Jenn, he wrote some great lyrics and had a distinctive if not good singing voice. After cutting a short demo of dark folk material, the boys in the band wrote to Death in June leader Douglas Pearce to ask his permission to send a demo to him. Pearce responded affirmatively and then pointed out that he actually lived only a little more than 10 kilometers down the road from them.

Upon their meeting, Pearce agreed to produce Strength Through Joy’s first album as he found himself genuinely impressed with the band’s “originality.” I’m not sure if that was originality he was hearing or if was hearing what Death In June had sounded like ten years earlier; even Leviathan admits “his (Pearce’s) influence on the…style of music is obvious.”* Either way, in 1994, Strength Through Joy released a single on vinyl called Dark Rose that featured three songs. Of note is the opener A Grave For Burning Wings on which Douglas Pearce actually sings and plays acoustic guitar, the style of the song presaging Death In June’s 1996 album Rose Clouds Of Holocaust. Later that same year, Pearce produced Strength Through Joy’s true first full-length album, the Force Of Truth And Lies (the title having been taken from a passage in Plato’s famous dialoge the Apology of Socrates). With this album, Jenn and Leviathan develop an identity independent of Pearce while simultaneously not straying too far from the formula for apocalyptic folk music he almost single-handedly developed in the 1980s. As is always the case in this genre, the main basis of melody is the acoustic guitar, but Strength Through Joy for the most part eschewed other traditional neofolk instruments such as violins in favor of an increased role for the keyboard. With somewhat distant production and Leviathan’s almost metallic voice, the Force Of Truth And Lies has a truly cold, mechanical feel to it. As I once wrote elsewhere, this album is what Kraftwerk would sound like if Rolf und Florian ever picked up guitars.

In 1995, Pearce again produced a Strength Through Joy album, this one being a two-CD set called Salute To Light. Although many people seem to regard this as the superior Strength Through Joy album (there are, after all, only two) I find it really rather uninvigorating compared to its predecessor. On Salute To Light, the band fully dives into the conventions of the genre and almost every song seems unnatural in some way; like each melody was derived because scientific testing has proven that this chord ought to come after that one. While the debut album was, shall we say, gracious in paying respect to its influences, Salute To Light rather seems to want to become the band’s influences. In keeping in this vein, Strength Through Joy and Death In June sat down together in 1996 in the studio to collaborate on the KAPO album. The band is officially billed as “Death In June Presents” rather than some other combination of both, but I think it suits it well considering this is more or less a Douglas Pearce album. In the same year, Timothy Jenn moved to Germany and Leviathan moved to England. Surprisingly, the band did not break up: rather it became inactive in 1997 and then changed names to Ostara which continues to this day

1 A Grave For Burning Wings
2 Rosin Dubh (Flute Mix)
3 Apotheosis - Flute


Nový Svět ::: Rumorarmonio

Born in late 1.997 the Vienna-based Novy Svet set out to bring some confusion into the so-called industrial uniformity. The group is neither tied to any musical style nor to any language. Each of the five albums released (Rumorarmonio, Faccia a faccia, Cuori di petrolio, Venezia, Chappaqua) introduced the always growing audience to a new aspect of the group. Novy Svet was one of the very first projects to be released on Albin Julius' Hau Ruck! label where it found a home for its own recordings but also for many collaborations with other groups from the label's roster (Mushroom's Patience, Dernière Volonté, Foresta Di Ferro). Until today, Novy Svet has been pushing the limits of musical categories aside to establish a unique mixture of folk, experimental and haunting neo-surrealism.

A1 Každý Počátek, Jeden Konec 1:38
A2 Slavin 3:35
A3 Sojuz Molodëži 5:45
A4 Mutzika 1:28
A5 Dobrolet '23 4:37
A6 E Moscú! 2:18
B1 Chával 5:42
B2 (No Sé Tu Nombre Pero Creo Es) Alin 2:26
B3 Gileja 3:32
B4 La Aroma Lola 2:18
B5 Roma 3:07
B6 La Lena 5:18


Division S / Hotel de Prusse ::: Siloah

Great split.  Division S was always a favorite for me so I can only but recommend you download this straight away.

1 Division S - I
2 Division S - II
3 Division S - III
4 Division S - IV
5 Division S - V
6 Hotel de Prusse - VI
7 Hotel de Prusse - VII
8 Hotel de Prusse - VIII
9 Hotel de Prusse - IX
10 Hotel de Prusse - X


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Papa Legba open the gate for me, ago e!
Atibon Legba open the gate for me!
Open the gate for me, Papa, for me to pass,
When I return, I will thank the lwa.

SIRUS ::: Falling Through Dystopia

Great beat driven Industrial from Australia.  Highly recommended!

01. Undeniable Frailties
02. Scorched Earth
03. Break The Dementia
04. Abrasive Contagions
05. The Third Force
06. Consumerism Religion
07. Population Control
08. Stray Dogs
09. Genocide Device
10. Crushing Flowers
11. Tears Amongst Ashes



Novakill ::: I Hate God

Gentlemen, please start your engines. Some advice, Novakill doesn't need a second listening. Their new album "I Hate God", is purgatory on synths! After "Hard Tech For A Hard World"(2003) and "Kill Everyone" (2005), they present us maybe their best work. From the opener "Mistaken For God", till the closer "teraDEATH" (plus 3 RMX'ses of "Demonizer"), you'll find a crystal clear, ultra professional production full of imaginative effects (listen carefully to "Demonizer"!) and a general view that sounds like it nearly couldn't be better. Even if the vocals remind me a little bit of the boogieman (Nightmare before Christmas), it sounds great. Sik and Bones know what they want, and you're going to know it. Clear recommended songs are "I Hate God" and "Mistaken For God", "Demonizer", "Crusade" and "Bloodelektric". Novakill sounds clear, warm, compact and impressive. It's definitely one of THE releases this year! Sometimes soft (never mushy, but atmospheric), and - mostly - a storm in the subwoofer. In "Kombat" the music is always pumping and waiting for a pit. Beside it, "Ultrakill" gives you goose bumps with lunatic screams and moans, what reminds of older Manson stuff or Kaltlicht. Nothing for the weak minded! The introduction of "eXtermination" is a bit confusing. It has been already used hundred times before. Why do they use it? They can do better than this! The percussion gives the song a kind of profoundness. Maybe the best song of the album. Compliment! "Crusade" rocks like hell, and hell is what it's talking about. Is it a dark requiem, or is it a monster, waiting to catch you? Figure it out! The lyrics of Novakill are directly and haunting. "Sleepwalk" is another cool cut! It has a shade of 90's soundscapes. Cool effect, defentily. The scream at the finish is awesome! While listening more clearly, a cold wind blows the listener away, brings him shiver and makes a great end for a great album. Below the line: The quality of Novakill's new record is undeniably. Well done, and a must have for everyone who loves good, electronic music.

01. Mistaken For God
02. Demonizer
03. We Work
04. Kombat
05. Exterminate
06. Crusade
07. Ultrakill
08. Incise
09. Sleepwalk
10. Blood Elektrik
11. Tera Death
12. Demonizer (Force-Fed Mix)
13. Demonizer (Deliberate Fury Mix)
14. Demonizer (Broken Bones Mix)


Clop Neplat ::: CD1

CD1 features three long lasting, drifting, droning, obscure industrial cold ambience pieces. The noisy sounds are very experimental, as you could fairly imagine, but I like this more than other industrial-noise releases because it isn't senseless noise, but it is a kind of continuous vortical feeling moving you in a new dimension. (Chain D.L.K.) ŗ tracks and for some reason I'm making a correlation with Maeror Tri. Thirsty barren earth split with the trunks of withering sihouettes is the image, striking, gracing the package and could be a metaphoric expression of their musical sound hallucinated audibly. 'Maximum volume for maximum results'." (Descent Magazine #4)

1 I    
2 II    


Om ::: Variations On a Theme

This three song album feature only bass, vocals, and drums, there are no guitars. However, the massive amount of distortion on the bass makes this unnoticeable and the riffing is just as it would be if there were guitars on the album. The use of only one stringed instrument works to give the songs a more stripped down feel than Sleep had. The riffing can be compared to a mixture of the second and third Sleep albums, Sleep’s Holy Mountain and Dopesmoker, in the way that it is slow but not quite as oppressively heavy or epic as Dopesmoker. Despite this fact there is plenty of heaviness to be found in the fuzzed out 70s styled trance-inducing riffs that the bass churns out; these riffs are as slow and heavy as you’d expect from ex-members of Sleep.

Drum-wise this leans more towards Dopesmoker in the way the drums methodically plod forward and utilize the heavier cymbals to bring out the heaviness of selected parts. Drum production is also reminiscent of Dopesmoker in the natural and live feel that the drums breathe into the music. The vocals are reminiscent of the subdued parts of Sleep’s Holy Mountain; the hoarse stoned yells that appear on Dopesmoker are not present here. This subdued quality of the vocals makes them sound like sacred chants, thus adding to the overall ritualistic atmosphere the music invokes.

Overall this three song album that runs about 45 minutes long creates a ritualistic atmosphere full of stoner doom heaviness and fuzzed out riffing. Variations on a Theme establishes Om as a well-experienced band that that fans of stoner doom should not pass up. This is probably the closest you’ll come to hearing something new from Sleep and it does not disappoint.

01 On The Mountain At Dawn (21:16)
02 Kapila's Theme (11:56)
03 Annapurna (11:52)


Monday, December 15, 2014

Eric Zann ::: Ouroborindra

At its core, especially when compared to most of the Ghost Box output, “Ouroborindra” shares the bulk of its similarities with dark ambient artists such as “Lustmord” or “Raison D’etre”. But where most dark ambient tends to root itself in deep, almost gothic, atmospheres and arguable beauty, Eric Zann forgoes those trends in favour of something very different. There are no passages of deep Gregorian chanting, no clattering of broken church bells or atmospheres of isolation and sadness. This is oppressive in a way that can be very difficult to quantify. Unlike most Lustmord or some Nurse with Wound, the aggression is not thrown in your face (-- not a dig, I am a big fan of aggression and all the aforementioned ambient greats), the fear and malevolence is very subtle causing you to question what you are hearing as the album plays through.

It ends up working so well specifically because of what it is lacking! While the atmospheres are dense and layered and the samples fabulously executed and numerous, there is never anything comforting to latch onto. The voices, although seemingly clear as day, remain frustratingly elusive such that their contents cannot be deciphered adding an element of unease that is simply not present in even the most extreme varieties of music. There are never simple melodies to ride along or moments of sullen beauty to get lost in. As a result, “Ouroborindra” ends up feeling like a real sonic representation of the nightmare state: familiar, sure, and full of possibility, but alternately populated with distressing entities and an unshakeable feeling that all is not well and very much outside of your control.

1- It is Narrow Here
2- Threshold
3- Ouroborindra
4- Dols
5- The Obsidian Pyramid
6- Voolas
7- The Human Chord


Can I be Anti-Left Without Being a Nazi?

Posting found on the Occupy Wall St. Facebook page (tell me again where National Socialism came from?)

"This dream of absolute and total equality is amazing, terrifying and inhuman; and the moment it captures peoples minds the result is mountains of corpses and rivers of blood." - Vladimir Bukovsky

It is indeed interesting that in today's climate if anyone expresses any mistrust or disdain for the political Left they are automatically branded Right-wing, or conservative, or (dare I say it) even fascist.  We are slowly turning into on/off switches; you either support the Palestinians (which apparently makes you very progressive) or you support Israel (which apparently makes you a supporter of apartheid), you either believe Capitalism is the greatest evil or you are a Capitalist pig.  Everything is a switch, are you on or are you off?

All causes are now encapsulated in a slogan, devoid of any historical context and just led along by the group meme.  The individual is perishing under the collectivist group cult.  Obey or be labelled.  Is your switch on or off?

It amuses (and saddens) me to look through the Magick subculture online and see the same trend.  The Left, with it's overt loathing of anything Western, has passed itself off as rational and balanced and the propaganda it has spewed for at least the last five decades has seeped into the collective mindset.  One site I found online which considers itself a representative of  Magick culture is also happy to plaster its audience with endless conspiracy theories.  Another respected site even quoted some Thelemic lines alongside the Ferguson meme #blacklivesmatter.  Frankly it's all turning into a joke.

The Left now so dominates popular culture that its proponents forget that its roots also included Fascism and National Socialism.  Jonah Goldberg in his brilliant book Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning well reminds us that:

"Mussolini remained a socialist until his last breath, just as he predicted. His reign ended in 1943, when he became little more than a figurehead for the Nazi regime headquartered at Salo, where he pathetically plotted his comeback. He spent his days issuing proclamations, denouncing the bourgeoisie, promising to nationalize all businesses with more than a hundred employees, and implementing a constitution written by Nicola Bombacci, a communist and longtime friend of Lenin's. He selected a socialist journalist to record his final chapter as Il Duce, according to whom Mussolini declared, 'I bequeath the republic to the republicans not to the monarchists, and the work of social reform to the socialists and not to the middle classes.' In April 1945 Mussolini fled for his life--back to Switzerland, ironically--with a column of German soldiers (he was disguised as one of them) as well as his aides, his mistress, and his acolyte Bombacci in tow. They were captured by a band of communist partisans, who the next morning were ordered to execute him. Mussolini's mistress allegedly dove in front of her lover. Bombacci merely shouted, 'Long live Mussolini! Long live Socialism!'" (pages 57 & 58)

The Communists and Fascists merely clashed on the basis of domination, in other words it was a race to see which ideological form of Socialism would reign supreme.  The winner labeled the other right-wing and the hoax is perpetuated by the Left even to this day.

But of course those on the Left always have a 'get out of jail free' card when anyone invokes the bloody excesses of Socialism, Communism and Fascism.  They proclaim (almost cult-like in absolute belief) that true Socialism has never been really tried and the excesses of these previous bloody regimes were not the fault of the ideology.  In other words, these same proponents, invent an abstract excuse where no responsibility is ever assumed and none ever taken.  The Left remains eternally blameless in everything and the mystical Socialism "that has never really been tried" is the magical formula that propels the entire absurdity, never mind the itchy discomfort that if indeed it has never been tried then how can you be so sure it works?

But the Left does not have to answer any such uncomfortable questions, it does not even have to look at the mountains of corpses it contributed to because nothing is ever the Left's fault.  The Left is always about 'social justice', 'equality' and 'fairness', forgetting of course that Lenin and Stalin also rode to power on exactly the same vapid slogans.

Today the Left is happy to play apologist to Palestinian terrorism while bemoaning the evils of the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel).  It is indeed ironic that an ideology that so prides itself on slogans of 'freedom' and 'equality' should so embrace extremist fascism as displayed by Hamas and the rest of the horrific regimes that dominate the Middle East (but then again, to those of us who know the roots of fascism are entwined in Leftist ideology this is not the least surprising). 

In his article Russian Footprints (National Review Online, August 24, 2006) former Romanian intelligence agent T. Pacepa reiterates the roots of the contradiction:

"For nearly four decades, the PLO has been the largest, wealthiest, and most politically connected terrorist organization in the world. For most of that time, it was held in the firm grip of Yasser Arafat's iron fist. But Arafat was not the fierce, independent actor he posed as; he was completely dependent on the Soviet KGB and its surrogate Warsaw Pact intelligence services for arms, training, logistical support, funds, and direction."

Indeed today we know that Arafat's closest friend and head of PLO intelligence, Hani Hassan, was actually an agent of the DIE, the Romanian subsidiary of the KGB.

David Meir-Levi, in his brilliantly sourced work History Upside Down, places the jigsaw pieces together:

"Arafat was particularly struck by Ho Chi Minh's success in mobilizing left-wing sympathizers in Europe and the United States, where activists on American campuses, enthusiastically following the [propaganda] line of North Vietnamese operatives, had succeeded in reframing the Vietnam war from a Communist assault on the south to a struggle for national liberation. Ho's chief strategist, General Giap, made it clear to Arafat and his lieutenants that in order to succeed, they too needed to redefine the terms of their struggle. Giap's counsel was simple but profound: the PLO needed to work in a way that concealed its real goals, permitted strategic deception, and gave the appearance of moderation:

'Stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your terror war into a struggle for human rights. Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand.'

At the same time that he was getting advice from General Giap, Arafat was also being tutored by Muhammad Yazid, who had been minister of information in two Algerian wartime governments (1958-1962): wipe out the argument that Israel is a small state whose existence is threatened by the Arab states, or the reduction of the Palestinian problem to a question of refugees; instead, present the Palestinian struggle as a struggle for liberation like the others. Wipe out the impression that in the struggle between the Palestinians and the Zionists, the Zionist is the underdog. Now it is the Arab who is oppressed and victimized in his existence because he is not only facing the Zionists but also world imperialism.

To make sure that they followed this advice, the KGB put Arafat and his adjutants into the hands of a master of propaganda: Nicolai Ceausescu, president-for-life of Romania.

For the next few years, Ceausescu hosted Arafat frequently and gave him lessons on how to apply the advice of Giap, Yazid, and others in the Soviet orbit. Arafat's personal "handler," Ion Mihai Pacepa, the head of the Romanian military intelligence, had to work hard on his sometimes unruly protege. Pacepa later recorded a number of sessions during which Arafat railed against Ceausescu's injunctions that the PLO should present itself as a people's revolutionary army striving to right wrongs and free the oppressed: he wanted only to obliterate Israel. Gradually, though, Ceausescu's lessons in Machiavellian statecraft sank in. During his early Lebanon years, Arafat developed propaganda tactics that would allow him to create the image of a homeless people oppressed by a colonial power. This makeover would serve him well in the west for decades to come."

For me personally the Left does not offer any solutions nor does it in any way represent Thelema.  It is merely propaganda that has seeped into the Western mind and there works its poison.

So, in writing against Socialism and Leftist ideology above does that mean that I am right-wing?  A conservative perhaps?  Or maybe even a Nazi?  Well I certainly cannot be a Nazi because after all Nazism was also a fruit of Socialism:

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."  — Adolf Hitler, from speech delivered on May 1, 1927

Indeed Nazism was Leftist and to those not blinded by all of the slogans Gene Edward Veith, Jr. well pointed out many of the elements that communism and fascism still hold in common:

"The influence of Marxist scholarship has severely distorted our understanding of fascism. Communism and fascism were rival brands of socialism. Whereas Marxist socialism is predicated on an international class struggle, fascist national socialism promoted a socialism centered in national unity. [And in fact, Both movements were “revolutionary socialist ideologies.” Going on,] Both communists and fascists opposed the bourgeoisie. Both attacked the conservatives. Both were mass movements, which had special appeal for the intelligentsia, students, and artists, as well as workers. Both favored strong centralized governments and rejected the free economy and the ideals of individual liberty. [And finally,] Fascists saw themselves as being neither of the right nor the left. They believed that they constituted a third force synthesizing the best of both extremes” [Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview, p. 26].

So if I am not right-wing, nor a conservative and certainly not a Nazi, what exactly am I espousing here?  Is it possible instead to be beyond left-wing and right-wing nonsense?  Can we offer Thelema both as a religious and political solution that praises the individual and mocks this murderous attempt at state worship?  Enough with the bullshit!  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Want to read more? Click below:

Hitler was a Socialist

The Communist Roots of Palestinian Terror

Leftist Hypocrisy and Israel

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Lunar Abyss Quartet ::: Sleeping The Sleep

I posted another Lunar Abyss Quartet release here.  And the truth is that I love that release so much that I just had to share another.

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled


What is freedom today? Slavoj Žižek

Russell Brand: The Left's Latest Idiot

When it comes to verbal diarrhea disguised as 'deep political conscience' few 'comedians' come close to the utter annoying stupidity that is the Russel Brand Show (and yes it is nothing but a brand).
  • Kristine Marsh, 4 Sept 2014, wades through the filthy swamp of Russell Brand's opinions on every subject.
  • The cause of jihad
    • Russell Brand talks rubbish on the Woolwich jihad attack, 25 May 2013.
    • He has no idea why the Woolwich beheading happened, and doesn't want to know. He says the killer is mentally ill and compares him to loner Mark Chapman. If only he was a loner, we could relax! But of course he is no loner. Calling him a loner makes as much sense as calling IRA terrorists loners.
    • Brand claims the Quran's main message is: "be nice to each other because we're all the same." He knows nothing about it.
    • He says Islamic anger is partly justified! "all over our country, all over our planet there are huge numbers of people who feel alienated and sometimes victimised by the privileged and the powerful, whether that's rich people, powerful corporations or occupying nations. They feel that their interests are not being represented and, in many cases, know that their friends and families are being murdered by foreign soldiers. I suppose people like that may look to their indigenous theology for validation and to sanctify their, to some degree understandable, feelings of rage."
    • A disgusting slander on Britain and an apologist for the Islamic jihadists. Shame on him.
  • More drivel on the cause of jihad:
    • Russell Brand on the cause of ISIS, Aug 2014. Apparently the US and UK are the cause of ISIS. Muslims and Arabs have no moral agency, it seems.
    • Britain's Greatest Idiot says: "It's always the people at the end of the line that get blamed. I'm not saying that ISIS aren't terrible. That conversation - We're not idiots. We don't need to have a conversation 'is beheading bad? Yes or no. We've had that conversation. Beheading is bad. But it's always people that are at the end of the line - the people that smash a window, the people that pick up a brick, the people that take drugs, the people that are the consequence of this cultural imperialism and corporate corruption. If you want that stuff to end, get the head of the serpent, stop going down these hopeless, pathetic tendrils. Of course, you need to stop those kind of executions and brutality but don't put them people in charge - the people that benefit from it financially."
    • He does not identify what "the head of the serpent" is. Maybe because we would laugh at him.
    • Few people in the West know less about ISIS than Russell Brand.
  • The cause of poverty
    • Brand knows nothing about global poverty. He blames third world poverty on the West.
    • He visits Kenya and he sees terrible poverty. He does not blame Kenya's lack of economic freedom. He does not blame Kenya's lack of political freedom. He does not blame Africa's poor embrace of the western scientific way of thinking that has made us rich. No, somehow (it is never explained) it is our fault. "The price of privilege is poverty."

      In Oct 2013, millionaire Russell Brand (net worth $15 m) made an embarrassing call for "revolution".
    • Russell Brand on revolution, New Statesman, 24 Oct 2013.
      • Like all historical illiterates, he admires revolution and direct action, and has contempt for voting and parliamentary democracy. "I'd attended a few protests and I loved them. At a Liverpool dockers march, the chanting, the bristling, the ripped up paving stones and galloping police horses in Bono glasses flipped a switch in me. I felt connected, on a personal level. I was excited by the chaos, a necessary component of transition."
      • He excuses the 2011 England rioters, and we know that riot, theft and destruction would be excused in his revolutionary "utopia": "The London riots in 2011, which were condemned as nihilistic and materialistic by Boris and Cameron (when they eventually returned from their holidays), were by that very definition political. These young people have been accidentally marketed to their whole lives without the economic means to participate in the carnival."
      • He calls for revolution, not voting. "I have never voted. ... I will never vote and I don't think you should, either. ... Revolt in whatever way we want, with the spontaneity of the London rioters ... Take to the streets, together".
      • Because policy should not be decided by the votes of the busy and elderly and housebound. Policy should be decided by the violence of the idle and young.
      • Another dumb leftist with recycled leftist ideas. He clearly has never read a book about communism.
    • He actually goes out on the street, leading incoherent mobs, rioting and vandalising:
      • Russell Brand leads an incoherent rioting mob, London, Nov 2013. The mob throws fireworks and bottles and assaults the police.
      • Russell Brand leads an incoherent rioting mob, London, Nov 2014. The mob vandalises property and assaults the police.

        Of course, like every uneducated dumbass, Russell Brand is anti-Israel. Uneducated man bangs on about Israel, July 2014, a topic he knows nothing about.
        Israellycool, 20 July 2014, gives the highlights, if you can't stand listening to incoherent ramble.

        One sample of his ignorance: "Palestinian sovereignty was agreed and their borders have been continually impeached upon since the establishment of Israel."
        What's the bets this guy has never even heard of the Ottoman Empire?

        Russell Brand reminds me of the people Derek Hopper talks about.

        Russell Brand appears to be a racist as well as an industrial-grade idiot.
        • Jason Riley is a conservative black American, author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed (2014).
        • Now for a leftie, it's important to attack Riley's ideas and not attack him as a black person. But Brand can't manage it.
        • Russell Brand went on a racist rant about Jason Riley in August 2014. He told him that as a black person he has to think in a certain way, something he would never say to white people. To view people as a collective rather than individuals is the core of racism.
        • Brand attacks Riley: "I am a convenient African-American who will betray my racial roots for Fox News." If he accused a white person of betraying his "racial roots" for something, the racism would be obvious.
        • He even mocks Riley for "doing a white person type voice".
        • In a second racist video, Brand calls Riley "a rent a black man" for Fox News. He has no idea how racist this way of thinking is.

          "liberal democracy, for all its discontents and frustrations, is still better than any of the plausible or previously established alternatives. It is certainly superior to what one imagines Russell Brand's utopia would look like." - Alex Massie on the ignorant Russell Brand.

        Former Sex Pistol John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, tells Polly Toynbee that comedian Russell Brand's call for people not to vote is ignorant, flippant and liable to 'make you all homeless'. Lydon also explains why he'd never vote Conservative, labels Ukip 'morons' and calls anarchy a 'mind game for the middle classes'