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Lonesome ::: Demo

One more before I leave for my holiday. Deep house/minimal techno from Christchurch, New Zealand. Ambient atmospheres and progressive tunes.

1. Land (v2)
2. Troll (mix2)
3. Troll
4. Pork (v1)
5. Laze (v1 mix2)
6. Sloowm (section of Edited Jam)


Aleister Crowley ::: The Great Beast Speaks

This disc contains some extremely rare and valuable recordings of Crowley himself. For those interested in his rituals, this disc will help to learn the intonations and pronounciations he uses in his invocations/rituals (including his pronounciation of Enochian--the first and second Aethers (keys) are recorded both in English and in the original Enochian itself.

Those who have read Crowley extensively will be suprised at his voice, he doesn't sound as one would expect him to. But once he is actually intoning a chant, the "voice" that you would expect appears to come out.

Overall, a bit crackly (not unusual considering the very old sources) but well (if a bit unevenly) digitally enhanced, inconsistent (mixing magickal ritual with poetry--as, of course, did the Equinox), and--to the individual with a serious interest in Crowley, indespensible.

1. Intro
2. The Call of the First Aethy (Enochian Version)
3. The Call of the First Aethy (English Version)
4. The Call of the Second Aethy (Enochian Version)
5. The Call of the Second Aethy (English Version)
6. La Gitana
7. The Pentagram
8. One Sovereign for the Woman
9. The Poet
10. At Sea
11. The Fingernails
12. The Titanic
13. Hymn to the American People
14. Excerts from the Gnostic Mass
15. Vive La French Republic


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jean Dubuis' Complete Alchemy Course

From The Author: 'My name is Jean Dubuis. I am, this present day that I write [1995], aged 76 years old, and I have a practice of esotericism of more than half a century. My esoteric researches started when I was twelve, after a tremendous inner experience; the invisible world had become for me as true as the world of matter where we live. From that time on, I never ceased trying to understand the nature of this experience, to find means to renew it if possible.'

Jean Dubuis is widely recognized as the most influential alchemist of the 20th century. Although his course on alchemy and kabbalah were finished over 25 years ago, they are still considered by many to be the finest works of their type ever published.

Here is the complete course (all in pdf format) and in the correct order.

Part 1 - Fundamentals
Dubuis, Jean - The Fundamentals Of Esoteric Knowledge

Part 2 - Spagyrics (Plant Alchemy)
Dubuis, Jean - Spagyrics Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Spagyrics Vol 2

Part 3 - Mineral Alchemy
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 2
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 3
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 4

Part 4 - Kabbalah (Qabala)
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 2
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 3

Part 5 - Additional Material
Dubuis, Jean - The Experience of Eternity

Download collection:!5ockiA5Q!pgYxU6qTbaA224Clx-brWvIBpIcxU9WA-dpg71oFLLk

Lesson Two: How the Hoodoo Spirits Help You to Get Exactly What You Want by Michael Bertiaux

Everyone who comes to Hoodoo wants to have something done for them. The reason why they come to Hoodoo is because they have tried everything else and they have not been successful. That is why they are willing to try the power of the spirits which we call Lucky Hoodoo. But you, dear student, are different, because you are now on the road to becoming a Hoodoo practitioner, someone who will be able to help others because he has been so successful and powerful in his Hoodoo work with the spirits.

Generally speaking, the Hoodoo spirits are asked to do one of four major kinds of things for those who come to them for help. Sometimes we will find a person who has a lot of needs, but they are usually variations of the basic four These needs are usually:

1. The desire to have good health and be free of illness.
2. The wish to have more money or a better job or boss.
3. The wish to know more about the spirits for betterment.
4. The wish to have a new or better lover for romance and sex.

All of these needs are valid and very good for the person to seek. There is no reason why anyone should feel ashamed to want to have these goals. They are the aims of everyone who is in a right frame of mind. Now, we have to see what the Hoodoo Spirits think about these goals for gain. All of these aims are based on the need to gain something more. So there must be something or somebody in the spirit world who is willing to help us to get what we want. The answer is that there are many spirits who have as their purpose the helping of mankind to gain what it needs. These spirits come in order to make up for the lack of something which is the basis of need. We are seeking the help of the spirits in order to gain what we do not now have. Fortunately, there are many spirits who are quite willing to help us out. In fact they are often more willing to help us than we are ready or able to let them help us. In other words, many persons are not yet ready to make contact with the spirits in order to have the spirits help them with their plans. But once a person has made contact with spirits, then it is quite simple to ask them to help you with a particular project, which will bring you
exactly what you are seeking.

Your own case would be an example of a person who is already on the road to successful communion with the spirits, for you have done the ritual of dedication to the Hoodoo spirits, which was given in the first lesson of this series of documents.

Now, we will begin from where we left off in the last lesson, in order to see just how it is that the spirits are able to bring to a person who is seeking something what that person wants.

In the world of the spirits there is a particular group of Spirits who are concerned with doing special projects. These are called the "Work Loa," and they are to be found among both the Hoo-Spirit.s and among the Doo-Spirits. These working gods are very helpful to mankind, for they are the powers that enable mankind to get exactly what he wants at any time. They are powerful helpers to mankind, because they are paid by mankind in turn in response to what they have done for him. The "Work Loa" are very wonderful gods in the sense that they have infinite powers, because they are pure spirit and not tied down to this world of earth. Therefore, they are able to be everywhere at all times and to do everything that needs to be done. However, it is necessary to approach these gods by means of special rituals, for like all of the Hoodoo Spirits, these beings are very much in sympathy with
ceremonies and rites.

Many persons are of the opinion that the Voudoo gods can be contacted simply by directing the mind in the way of their being and thus attunement with the Spirits is achieved by pure and silent thought. This may be true for those Big Shots who can build Mental Temples with their minds and imaginations but it is not true for those who are just beginning. Such novices in Hoodoo must make use of ceremonial work and ritual to summon the Spirits, for if a person wishes to summon the spirits, it is done either with a Mental Temple that is built up in the mind or else it is done with a ceremony done in the very room where the person is. But in either case it is done making use of some kind of magick. That is the important factor. It is necessary to make use of powerful magick in order to summon the Hoodoo Spirits at any time. For they respond only to magick, whether or not it is mental or physical it does not matter except to the student or practitioner. They will come quicker through a good magician using physical methods than through a careless student making use of mental methods, only. And it is important to understand this point, for they are not too interested in how you call them to your aid. They are only interested in that you do call upon them to help you.

On the other side and in the world of the spirits, the "Work Loa" can easily recognize a call for help because of the astral colors that it sends along with itself. The call carries with it the secret colors of true petition if it is a sincere call for help. If it isn't, then the colors will be absent and other colors which indicate deception will be present. Pity the poor fool who tries to trick the spirits, for they know everything and that is why they know you and what you want from thern. So be perfectly honest with them for they can tell intuitively when you are sincere and when you are not sincere. Even if a person sought to attract them by means of a Mental Temple, and still was insincere, he would not be successful. They can tell even when the person is working in the world of Mind. For the colors of the Mental Temple will apear to be those where insincerity is present and they will not come, except to punish the wrongoder. Therefore be perfectly honest with them and you will be helped.

Another thing to understand is that with them the morals of the human world are without meaning. Moral codes were invented by certain political and religious groups to keep the majority of human beings in chains. There is only one law of morality in the spirit world and that is to tell the truth to the spirits. So if a person desires to make love to another person and the world of human morality would say this is wrong, or even the Bible would say this is wrong, we must understand that to seek the spirits this is not wrong, as long as the seeker is truly seeking that person as his lover. For that reason you must not feel any shyness about speaking to the wonderful spirits, for if you are honest with yourself, you are honest with them. If you are to be honest with them, then they can come to your aid and help you out.

There is a very simple ritual which you can do in order to get the Hoodoo Spirits to come to your aid. This is a simple request ritual, and it can he done at any time, once you have done the dedication ritual and therefore should be done at least one day later in order to give your own astral body a rest. However, it is the basic ritual for getting in touch with the spirits and letting them know just what it
is that you want them to do.


Part 1. In a quiet place, you will sit at your table upon which you have now placed four candles at the corners and a black candle in the center. You will place a yellow candle in the north, a blue candle in the west (same as before), a green candle in the south, and a red candle in the east. Place your black candle from the previous ritual in the center and between the black candle and the blue candle you will place a glass of water. You will write out on a small piece of paper or index card what you wish to gain and place this request between the red candle and the black candle.

Part 2. Now, you will say the following prayer to the Hoodoo Spirits in order to make known to them by ritual your request for their help and presence. You will begin the prayer to the Hoodoo Spirits by lighting the candles in the following order:

First, you will light the yellow candle and say:
"Holy Spirit of the Northern Cross of Light come forth."

Second, you will light the blue candle and say:
"Holy Spirit of the Western Cross of Light come forth."

Third, you will light the green candle and say:
"Holy Spirit of the Southern Cross of Light come forth."

Fourth, you will light the red candle and say:
"Holy Spirit of the Eastern Cross of Light come forth."

Lastly, you will light the black candle and say:
"Holy Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo come to my help and hear me."

Next, you will touch the glass of water and say:

Then, you will look intensely upon your request card and say:

Part 3. Then you will begin to say the following very short prayer of request for gain to the Spirits either in a soft voice or silently to show that you mean real business.

"Dear Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo. You are my friends. What I wish to receive from you is written on the card (paper) which I have written out as a special request. Please help me to gain this that I wish so much. I know that you can help me. Here is my gift to you, dear Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo."

Part 4. Then you will offer power to the Spirits by rubbing your hands together for a couple of minutes and then holding your hands towards the altar with the palms open and extending the fingers upwards, so that the altar will receive the power as it flows out of the palms of your hands and to the Spirit world. This is your gift to the Spirits, the power of life or vitality which will be used by them in healing or in some other work.

Part 5. You will now close your eyes and begin to think about the Hoodoo Spirits and how they will come to you and what you wish them to do for your request. They are present everywhere and perhaps they will indicate that they are there by the flickering of a candle or some other sign. You will then be silent for a few minutes afterwards. You will take the glass of water and drink it, for it has spirit-power in it. You will then silently put out the candles in the following order: first the black, then the red, green, blue, and lastly the yellow candle. You will feel relaxed and peaceful in love with all of the spirits and ready to serve them and obey all the Holy Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo. You will then clap your hands together quickly so that a sound is made and you will say, either softly or silently:


Put your candles away if you store them and keep the request written out on card or paper to think about each day. You may do this ritual as often as you like. Be sure of good luck, for you are a Hoodoo.

Various Artists ::: AL

It's holiday time hooray.  I wil be away for about 2 weeks but until then I thought I would leave you with something special.  Celebrating the 100th anniversiary of The Book Of The Law and limited to 418 handnumbered copies. CDs housed in a gatefold cardboard sleeve. Packaged in an elaborate box with a booklet and poster.

1-01 Hexentanz - Oh, Blessed Beast 4:05
1-02 Musterion - Baphomet: The Magus, The Fool (Fo-Hi), The Voyager 6:22
1-03 Duparc - A Rebours 5:38
1-04 Encryption - The Serpent Flame 4:12
1-05 Unto Ashes - Lithograph 2:38
1-06 While Angels Watch - Walpurgis-Night 9:58
1-07 Abnocto - Arcane Knowledge 4:42
1-08 Cotton Ferox & Genesis P-Orridge - Psychic Scent 3:44
1-09 Atrium Carceri - Abra Cad Abra 4:24
1-10 Transfagula - They Eat Their Young 3:31
1-11 Belborn - Stern 5:07
1-12 Psychonaut 75 - Liber Al Vel Legis 6:01
1-13 Za Frûmi - Aiwass 4:57

2-01 Hadit - Auf Den Zinnen 7:31
2-02 Silence & Strength - Secret Name 9:48
2-03 Gydja - By A Secret Name 6:45
2-04 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse - Sucking Face With Aiwass 7:43
2-05 Circus Of The Scars, The - Aleister, Aiwass, & Infek (On The Airwaves) 6:02
2-06 3LCF [Trilucifer] - I Was 7:00
2-07 Ah Cama-Sotz - Death Is Forbidden 4:49
2-08 Chaos As Shelter - The Beauty Of The Beast 7:02
2-09 This Morn' Omina - The Manifestation Of Nuit 4:14
2-10 Artefactum - Lapis Lazuli 5:53
2-11 Satorii - Another Prophet Shall Rise 6:35
2-12 Ossaserpia - Donkey Fell Eyesleep 2:45 


Friday, February 20, 2015

War ::: More Days

War is a danish duo. Loke Rahbek, who co-runs the Danish label Posh Isolation, sings for the band Sexdrome, and records with Skurv and Damien Dubrovnik while also performing under the solo moniker of LR. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt sings and plays guitar in Iceage and is a member of Marching Church and Pagan Youth.

A1 Sister Mask 5:06
A2 Lampinn I 4:04
A3 Glass Ribbon 4:31
B1 Marble Hall Pigs 2:00
B2 Ivory Strap 2:12
B3 Lampinn II 3:05
B4 Flesh Hierarchy 4:29
B5 More Days 1:32


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gems From The Equinox: Instructions By Aleister Crowley for his own Magical Order

Dr. Israel Regardie's brilliant and beautiful compilation of many of Crowtey's best magical writings from the rare and expensive eleven number Equinox. Very high quality scan.  If you can only own three books associated with Crowley and his teachings, they would have to be "Magick: Liber ABA," "Magick Without Tears," and "Gems from the Equinox." This is a well organized synthesis of the most highly regarded contents of The Equinox.


Funker Vogt ‎::: Navigator

Navigator is an excellent follow-up to their previous release Survivor, but is in no way a carbon copy and is just as strong of an album in its own right.

Within Navigator you'll find Funker Vogt's trademark super-epic arpeggiated synth lines overlaid with war ridden lyrics. They've pulled out a vocoder for this album and do some clever and not overdone pitch shaping with the lead singer's vocals. The music is beautiful and huge, just what you've come to expect from this band based on their last few albums.

This album might not feel as dark as previous releases, but I find it haunting in all the right ways.

1 Killing Ground    
2 Fallen Hero    
3 No Tomorrow    
4 Friendly Fire    
5 Navigator
6House Of Sorrows    
7 Thoughts Of A Soldier    
8 Stronghold    
9 Starfighters    
10 Reject    
11 The End    
12 Für Dich
13 Vorwärts!


Funker Vogt ::: Date Of Expiration (Limited Edition)

Great limited edition release.  Perfect for fans of dance industrial and those already familiar with the distinct Funker Vogt sound.

01 - Date Of Expiration (Expired)
02 - Date Of Expiration (Mouldy)
03 - Second World
04 - Date Of Expiration (Fresh)
05 - Traumatic Event.mp3


Joseph Campbell - Sukhavati

"We're in a free fall into future. We don't know where we're going. Things are changing so fast. And always when you’re going through a long tunnel, anxiety comes along. But all you have to do to transform your hell into a paradise is to turn your fall into a voluntary act. It’s a very interesting shift of perspective . . . Joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world and everything changes." —Joseph Campbell

Through archival excerpts from his finest filmed lectures interwoven with exquisite images and evocative music from around the world, renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell takes us on a journey of transcendence and illumination, a trip through the mythological symbols and sagas left by our ancient forebears. What is revealed en route is "mankind’s one great story," the grand drama played out by all cultures on all continents since time immemorial. This saga "projected" on the screen of the universe is the mythic adventure that became Campbell’s "Sukhavati," what he passionately embraced as his life’s work, his place of bliss.

Created by Maxine Harris and Sheldon Rocklin, with the enthusiastic support of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, this hypnotic and mesmerizing film is a deeply personal, almost spiritual, portrait of Campbell, told in his own words, in his twilight years, at the summit of his career and the apex of his intellectual powers. Through it, this great American thinker is still "joyfully participating in the sorrows of the world."


Coil ::: Themes From Derek Jarman's 'Blue'

Alleged original pressing of 1000 blue copies and 23 signed yellow copies, however, numerous yellow copies have surfaced, suggesting that World Serpent was lying about the limited quantities. The version of Theme 1 collected on Unnatural History II is missing the four second opening tag from the 7" version. The version of Theme 2 which appears in the film and soundtrack of Derek Jarman's Blue has dialogue whereas these versions do not.

Side A - Luminous Darkness
Side B - Go Into The Light


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Death in June ::: Rose Clouds of Holocaust

Death in June despite all their controversy and silliness have essentially become the premier neofolk band. And it's not hard to see why. Death in June's music is simply put, beautiful. Usually never consisting of more than a handful of acoustic guitar chords each and every Death in June song manages to captivate the listener with pure emotion. Often enhanced by stunning string synths and other instruments Rose Clouds of Holocaust is a wonderful album that manages to be digestable without sacrificing beauty or individuality. This album is simply for anyone who likes simple yet magnificent music, the title track will without doubt send shivers down your spine.

1. Lord Winter
2. God's Golden Sperm
3. This Omen Filled Season
4. Symbols of the Sun
5. Jerusalem the Black
6. Luthers Army
7. 13 Years of Carrion
8. The Accidental Protege
9. Rose Clouds of Holocaust
10. Lifebooks


Lesson One: Who Can Be & Big Lucky Hoodoo? by Michael Bertiaux

Anyone can become a big lucky Hoodoo once they make contact with the spirits behind Voudoo. I will teach you the very simple method of making contact with the spirits. The spirits are easy to meet, in Fact they are very eager to meet you, that is why they led you to take this course. They want you to learn their power secrets, so that they can have an influence over other people. This gives the spirits more and more power to help you.

The spirits want to meet you and they want to get into your life. They have a lot of things to tell you and these things will help you become more and more lucky. You will be able to do what you want with their help, because you will be able to pay them off with things that they like, but which they can't get now. They can't get the gifts of food and candles that they wish to have until they do their work for you, and then you will pay them off and both of you — you, the lucky Hoodoo and they, the spirits — will be getting exactly what you want. That is what it is all about in Voudoo power secrets.

We know who and what we are here in this world. We know all about ourselves as far as what we want and what we are going to get. This means that we know just what we want out of life. We know what is basic to life and what is extra to life. We want both and we are going to be able to get both through lucky Hoodoo, because lucky Hoodoo works where everything else doesn't work. In the long run, only lucky Hoodoo can do what you really want it to do for you.

Then we have the spirits. The spirits are the powers that can't be seen except with second sight. They can't be heard except with second hearing. They can't be touched except with the second touch. These second senses are powers we all have and use without even knowing about it. Some people become very successful through the use of the second senses. They call themselves readers and advisors of spiritual truth. Lucky Hoodoo can make you into one of these if you want to do that also. But it is all done by the spirits working with you and for you. That is why Voudoo power secrets depend upon the spirits. Let me tell you more about these spirits. Long ago there was a big island between Africa and Haiti called "Atlantis" and because of many earthquakes, it sank under the ocean called the "Atlantic." One time there was a big school of magick on the island of this same Atlantis and the magicians were very powerful. What they didn't know when they were alive they soon learned after they died. The island, as we said, just sank under the ocean and the magicians went down with it. But they didn't die, they just became spirits with fish-like bodies and frog-like bodies, and snake-like bodies. They did this so they could continue their work under the ocean, in their big temple down at the bottom of the sea. They are still down there, but they are also spirits and as spirits they are able to do a lot of things. In fact they know how to do more things now than they knew a long time ago. The older they get the more powerful they get.

Now, under the sea there is a great forest with all kinds of sea-trees and seabushes, and sea-plants growing in it. This is the great woods of the old island of Atlantis. There is an old king who is a very powerful spirit-magician and he is the "Master of the Words on the Island Under the Sea." We call him "Maitre" or "Ma-Trn for short. He is the king of the spirits on his island and he is a very powerful god of Voudoo. He has given to me a group of His spirits to help those who are making use of this course to become powerful. I call His spirits the "Hoo-Spirits," because they make up one half of the team of spirits in lucky Hoodoo.

On the other hand, in the world of the Dead, there is another great king who is called "Papa Nibbho." He is the king of the spirits of the Dead, and they have the name of Ghuedhe, or "the Gay-Days." They are the subjects of old Papa Nibbho, who is the king of time and eternity and who always was and who always will be. His spirits look like ghosts or like walking bones, and skeletons and often have the faces of those who have passed on. But they are all subjects of the king of the spirits of the dead, or Papa Nibbho. I call these spirits the "Doo-Spirits," for they make up the second group of spirits in lucky Hoodoo, or the second half of our team. They do not look like Turtles, Fish, Frogs, and Snakes — that is the way in which the Hoospirits look. The Doo-Spirits look like dead people.

Now these two groups of spirits come together and make our system of lucky Hoodoo very powerful, because they represent the most powerful elemental forces in the universe for practical magick. The spirits of the dead come from the north angle of the spirit world and are from the element of earth, upon which everything must be built. The spirits of the sea-magicians come from the west angle of the spirit world and are from the element of water. Everything must depend upon water if it is to live and grow, so it is with the spirits and their projects. We want things to be practical and we want them to be successful. That is why we work with these two wonderful families of spirits.

Now there are many other spirits who will be able to work with you and we will talk about them as we move along in our study. The important fact is that we work with the spirits and that the spirits are quite wonderful and helpful for us.

Actually, if you treat them well you will find that they are more willing to help you than often you are ready to have them. That is because people are not ready for the help of the spirits and so they are not ready to show the spirits that thay want to make use of them. The spirits only wish for you to have something for them to do and also they expect that you will be able to pay them off for their service. This is only fair for they do everything and can do anything, and they ask only something very small in the way of payment.

Now to become a lucky Hoodoo it is first of all necessary for you to do a little Voudoo ritual and say the following prayer to the spirits. This will show them that you are ready to work with them for what you want. This will show them you really mean business and that you are serious in seeking favors and objects of desire through their powers. This prayer will show them that you are ready to dedicate yourself to them so that they might gain influence over more and more human beings and thus bring back the old golden age of peace and plenty. This ritual will serve as your self-initiation into the system of lucky Hoodoo, which is a religious belief as ancient as the islands below the oceans.

Part 1. In a quiet place, you will sit at a table upon which you have placed two candles. A black candle has been placed in the north and a blue candle has been placed in the west. You will face east or in the eastern direction. You will have a glass of water placed in the south, directly opposite the black candle.
Part 2. You will now say the following prayer to the Hoodoo spirits in order to make
your dedication to their powers and existence. First, you will light the black candle
and say,


Then you will light the blue candle and say,


Then you will touch the glass of water with your right hand, because it is nearest to your right hand and you will say,


Part 3. Then you will begin to say the following prayer of dedication to the spirits in a quiet voice or silently to show them that you mean real business.


Part 4. You will now close you eyes and begin to think about the spirits and how they will come to you and what you wish for them to do for you. You will then be silent for a few minutes afterwards, you will first take the glass of water and drink it, for it has the spirit-power in it. You will then silently put out the blue and then the black candle. You will feel relaxed and peaceful, in love with all spirits and ready to obey them. Be sure of good luck, for you are becoming a Hoodoo.

Foreign Press ::: Downpour 12" & Climbing 7"

Foreign Press would release four singles before their demise in the mid-1980s, exploring a more commercial, yet no less gloom-ridden direction over time.  A UK based post-punk act originally formed in 1978 umder the name Emergency. Within a year, the band shifted their sound from a more standard punk aesthetic to incorporate more post-punk leanings, inspired by the likes of Joy Division, Magazine, and several of the Factory Records bands.  Here are their awesome first two singles.


Downpour 7”
1. Downpour
2. Crossfire
3. Behind the Glass

Climbing 12”
1. Climbing
2. Remember You
3. Open Secret


De Brassers ::: De Brassers

De Brassers were one of the most notorious bands in the Belgian new wave/punk history. With their no nonsense attitude they scared the shit out of the local catholic community of Hamont. De Brassers were a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear) and Joy Division (they always performed a cover version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay), combining a criticism of bureaucracy and politics with experiences of psychological and existential tensions. The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties: the fear of atomic bombs, cold war pessimism, police violence against squatters, the first cases of AIDS, and the grim years of Reagan & Thatcher.

1. The Wanted Us Away   
2. Sick In The Mind   
3. I Heard The Scream Before   
4. He    


Clock DVA ::: Thirst

Thirst being their debute album sounds nothing like Man Amplified or any of their other albums for that matter. Thirst is an experimental rock album with very strange and odd lyrics. In fact I could easily say that the lyrics sound all like avantgarde poetry and the music is as experimental as early Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Newton has better vocals than many artists and it is not art for arts sake. Tthis is a grand experimental album that should not be missed.

1. Uncertain    
2. Sensorium    
3. White Cell    
4. Piano Pain    
5. Blue Tone    
6. North Loop    
7. 4 Hours    
8. Moments    
9. Impressions Of African Winter


Herz Jühning ::: Miasma

First full-length album from this newcomer to the Galakthorrö family, whose Faces 7" the luckier ones of you may have had a chance to hear. True to the label's tradition, Herz Jühning delivers a compact dose of stylized dread that navigates somewhere between November Növelet's pulsating angst-pop ("Reopened Eyes") and Subliminal's dreary analog power electronics ("The Rape", "Infibulation"). No surprises, no gimmicks, just 13 solid tracks of torpor and contempt.

1. Induction    
2. Miasma    
3. Can't Be    
4. No Happy Future    
5. The Rape    
6. Opisthotonus    
7. Abortion    
8. Reopened Eyes    
9. Infibulation    
10. Vulnerability    
11. Messiah    
12. Defense Reaction    
13. Haunt You Every Day


What ISIS Really Wants

This article I think is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the rise of ISIS and what it seeks.  Popular online dialogue on the topic is too often led by the usual self-loathing crowd on the Left and their usual 'the West is to blame for everything' mantra.  It is therefore refreshing to see an article that unapologetically gets at the root of this scourge without the need for self-flagellation. 

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it. Read more.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Darline Victor ::: Darline Victor All Star Band

Darline Victor was a member of Sleep Chamber and you will clearly notice that influence here.  The album is certainly more accessible than anything by Sleep Chamber but that unmistakable influence runs through it.  It's great.

1. The Gate
2. Positive Attraction
3. #84 (Dance!) Extended
4. Minus The Logic
5. Art Before Death
6. History Repeats/Once Again


Various ::: Hear The Roar Of Mountains Volume One & Two

Released as a double cassette with booklet by Audiofile Tapes (aT 2A, aT 2B) in 1985.  Wonderful journey into the obscure experimental, post-punk and industriL sounds of the 80's.  Quite rare.


Vol 1

1. Mark Abbott – Yellow Jacket
2. Elliott Sharp – Good For Business
3. Controlled Bleeding – Untitled
4. Problemist – Krank
5. The Psychological Warfare Branch – U Do Or U Don’t Jane
6. Gerechtigkeits Liga – Live In NYC Dec. 08, 1984
7. Skoptzies – White Rabbit (Live At Antenna Nov. 04, 1984)
8. Hidious In Strength – March Of The Blind
9. Mystery Hearsay – Untitled
10. F/i – Walls (From Lords)
11. Port Said – Indian Ocean Voyage 2
12. Band Of Holy Joy – First Hour Of The Day
13. Constructive Terrorism – Open Wounds
14. Smersh – This House
15. The Haters – Brokess
16. Sleep Chamber – Leviatan
17. Erotic Psyche – What A Gasser She Was
18. Smegma – Grumpy Tonsure
19. If, Bwana – The Born Again
20. AMK – Raw (Excerpt)
21. J. Silverman – I Affect You

Vol 2

1. Urban Oblivion – Excerpt From “Video Void” Soundtrack
2. Monochrome Bleu – Love/Work
3. Keeler – Cosmic Ferry
4. Data Bank A – The Range
5. Nomuzic – In The Shit Again
6. Bene Gesserit – Nobody Is Perfect
7. Amor Fati – 2 Or 3 Nights
8. Audio Leter – Excerpt From “Audio Letter #65″ (Live At ABC No Rio)
9. Herself – Audio Recording
10. Chris Gross – Political Chemistry
11. S. Gustav Hagglund – Percussion Music
12. Architects Office – AO 218
13. Viscera – Thinking Without Words
14. Psi-Field – Last Rites
15. Bob Feldman – High Technology Homeless


Hidious In Strength ::: Line Of Souls

Hidious In Strength was an early project of John Zewizz started around 1982. The instrumentation was often a combination of synthesizer experimentation, tapes, and “found” vocals from TV. Although Zewizz was the only studio member, the project sometimes performed live as a duo.

1. Enter Forever
2. Return To Forever
3. She Feels Her
4. Life Of Sussain
5. Death Of Sussain
6. Line Of Souls
7. War Soul
8. Bath Of Yentha
9. The Storm
10. The Weeping
11. Breakthrough
12. Genocide


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bowery Electric ::: Lushlife

Bowery Electric have been said to defy easy definition, but Lushlife, the final release by New York City Kranky comtemporaries Lawrence Chandler and Martha Schwendener proudly advertises its dizzying and seductive trip-hop roots. Schwedener's voice is heavily reminiscent of Beth Gibbons of Portishead rapport, only softer and more breathy. As a whole, really, Lushlife could be compared to a softer, breathier version of Portishead's Dummy. Where the latter excels in industrialism, the former excels in fluidity. Songs veer regularly into ambience, drawing images of cities late at night, lit up but devoid of any life, of walking along a corridor by oneself with nothing but concrete in plain view.

1. Floating World
2. Lushlife
3. Shook Ones
4. Psalms of Survival
5. Soul City
6. Freedom Fighter
7. Saved
8. Deep Blue
9. After Landing
10. Passages


SPK ::: Breathless

Amazing! Though not at all in the way that SPK's earlier work was amazing - all the noise and extra-dimensional sampling terror has left the building (and the country, and the planet) by the time of this release. Side A finds the Surgical Penis Klinik doing some catchy female vocal driven pop shit, like happycore via 1988. People looking for the original SPK sound and only that sound will most definitely be disappointed, but if that 80's synthpop sound is your thing, this tune will just kill you. By asphyxiation. Side B is SPK doing Mantronix style electro/hip-hop, with a female MC (Karina?) holding it down on the mic - and why not? Bump it in your car! Dance to it! Take drugs to it! Mix it with your Severed Heads and Skinny Puppy! It's seriously killer!

A Breathless (Extended Remix)    
B Wired For Sound (RRR Mix)